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ART ON ELM | enjoy art on display from local artists in various locations on Elm Street in Kindred, ND.  Thank you to The Uptown Eatery, Wild Roots Venue, Kindred Public Library & the owner of the old Cass County Electric Building for displaying local art!

Nominate an artist to display with us!

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Laura Nesler

Willow + Rose Photo


About your display photo:

Summer of Weddings 2023- This summer I have photographed a large number of weddings, and this one was one of my favorites! We were out at Lone Oak Farm in Ayr, ND, and had the most beautiful day.

A bit about yourself:

My husband, Kyle and I have two boys, Calvin (3) and Jude (7 months). Together we lived in Horace, ND. Kyle is a teacher at Kindred Elementary where he teaches music. When I'm not taking photos, I am at home with my two boys!

How did you get into your craft?

I have been taking professional photographs for a full decade now! My main focus is weddings, newborns, and families. However, I will photograph headshots/seniors on occasion. My photography business has been my creative outlet for the past 10 years, and I am so thankful I get to call this my job.


Jeffrey Miller

Cottonwood Bend Farm

About your display photo:

A pair of handcrafted, locally caught beaver fur mittens with deer leather palms and my two books, Klasberg, North Dakota: Collected Stories from the Middle of Nowhere (fiction) and Forever Towards the Sunrise: A Lifetime Lived in the Outdoors

A bit about yourself:

I grew up in southcentral Minnesota and attended college at NDSU. Settled in Kindred in 2006. I'm the Director of the Cass County Soil Conservation District and live on our homestead, Cottonwood Bend Farm, with my partner Melanie Kraker and our four kids, Naomi, Maia, Ivy and Carter.

How did you get into your craft?

I've read about hunting and fishing since I could read. I have a huge collection of outdoor books and boxes of magazines. On a lark, I wrote a story and sent it to Fur-Fish-Game magazine. They bought it and started me on my journey. At last count, I'm had over 100 articles published in magazines on hunting, fishing, fur trapping and modern homesteading topics. I also write a monthly column, Musings from Cottonwood Bend, for the Cass County Reporter newspaper. I started making handcrafted fur garments when I got back in to trapping. As a kid on the farm, I dabbled in it and then didn't trap for years. Once I got back into, the fur market was depressed and wild furs worth very little. Rather than waste the renewable resource, I learned how to tan skins and hand sew garments. I make and sell fur mittens, hats and handwarmer muffs. I've even sewn a few blankets. All the fur I use is locally sourced and includes raccoon, beaver, muskrat, skunk, red fox and coyote.


Kate Baldock

About your display photo:

I haven’t titled the piece yet. It’s inspired by my love for color! I had fun doing this one as an inventory piece in my inventory for sale.

A bit about yourself:

I live in fargo with my husband Josh, our daughter Remi and two cats! I enjoy working with the local interior designers, businesses, and clients for artwork. I’m grateful for all of the support of my business over the years! The cooler weather is my favorite so I am embracing this new winter season and look forward to creating lots. Thank you!

How did you get into your craft?

I work with fine acrylics on canvas and love to incorporate other mediums such as watercolor, pencil, crayon, oil pastel, and resin. I frame all of my artwork in either metal or wood canvas float frames to finalize their look!



Amanda Hagen

Heartstrings Art Studio


About your display photo:

Title: 2023 Fullness of Joy: This piece was inspired by Psalms 16:11. The original piece is Acrylic on Wood panel and measures 18"Wx24"H.

A bit about yourself:

I am a North Dakota native and my work is inspired by my home-state which I love. I live on a farm with my husband and two young boys. I find fulfillment in spreading joy through my art and sharing that connection with others.

How did you get into your craft?

I was a full time Architect working from home during the Pandemic when I decided to try my hand at painting. Eventually I discovered the joy that comes with sharing my work with others and I founded Heartstrings Art Studio in 2020. My work is rural, agricultural, and North Dakota inspired. I believe each of us have unique gifts and by sharing them, we elevate the communities in which we live.


Emma Maddock

Emma Design Company, LLC


About your display photo:

Some of My Work: This piece acts as a portfolio of my work from the past few years, whether it be a freelance project, something I did for work, or something I did just for fun. It includes logos and branding, photography, website and layout design, illustration… A little bit of everything that I love to do.

A bit about yourself:

I'm the oldest of four kids who grew up on a hobby farm right outside of Davenport, ND. My mom taught me the basics of photography when I was 12, and I stuck with it after receiving grand champion on my still-life photo at the Red River Valley Fair as a little 4-Her. From photography grew a love for composition, and then design. I went to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities where I received a BFA in Graphic Design and I've been learning and experimenting with text and image ever since. I've been so lucky to create great design for various organizations and industries, which helps tell their story and build on their missions. I believe great design inspires, empathizes, and influences us all and I choose to use that power to help passionate people create great things!

How did you get into your craft?

I was always creating as a child. Much of my time was spent making "mouse-houses" out of popsicle sticks, shoe-boxes and paint. Then I learned a little bit about photography and was constantly taking images and videos with my siblings. When I got to high school I found a love of oil painting, and was obsessed with art-history movements like surrealism (Rene Magritte), and realism (Edward Hopper). Mr. Morin showed me the possibility of commercial art, and how graphic design uses the same principles as fine-art in many ways. I was also working with Mrs. Theil on agriscience fair projects, and I learned the importance of presenting data is an easily-understandable way (aka..a well-designed way).


Roxanne Westman

Roxies Place Photography

About your display photo:

Milky Way over windmill Sheyenne National grasslands

A bit about yourself:

Roxanne (Hajek) Westman grew up in the area. My dad, Raymond Hajek was a farmer in rural Davenport. Many hours as a teen were spent doing chores on the farm and in the field and this has carried over into my landscape photography. My husband, Don and I, have 2 children and 5 beautiful grandkids. Teaching my gift to others is my favorite thing to do. Contact me with any questions.

How did you get into your craft?

My dad was an amateur photographer and through his work he gave me the inspiration to begin my journey with Photography. Instead of just storing the images somewhere, with my families blessing I began my business.


Emily Andrisen

Emily Sells Art

Instagram:  @emilysellsart22

About your display photo:


A bit about yourself:

I'm a junior at Kindred High School and I love making art in my free time. I enjoy traveling - my favorite place I've visited is Yellowstone. I enjoy golfing and am definitely better than my mom at it. My family includes my dad, mom, and the cutest dog ever.

How did you get into your craft?

I've been doing art for as long as I can remember. I love using lots of different mediums and working with different styles. I was inspired my my Great-grandma Ellie's rosemaling and have learned how to do that, along with crocheting, digital art, and oil pastels.


Andrew Rutten

Instagram:  @andrew6497

About your display photo:

Andrew is especially an advocate for the bass clarinet and is frequently asked to perform on the instrument. In January 2023, Andrew performed in a masterclass for Dutch bass clarinetist Fie Schouten at the International Clarinet Association’s inaugural Low Clarinet Festival, a four-day conference in Glendale, Arizona that focused exclusively on the bass clarinet and other low clarinets. He is also a member of the consortium that funded composer Jonathan Russell’s Sonata #2 for Bass Clarinet and Piano and will premiere the piece in spring 2024.

A bit about yourself:

Andrew Rutten is currently in his fourth and final year of undergraduate studies (B.M. Music Performance) at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. As a member of the clarinet studio at CSU, Andrew has performed in a variety of settings including band, orchestra, chamber groups, and as a soloist in recitals and masterclasses. He is currently the principal clarinet of the CSU Symphony Orchestra and CSU Wind Symphony. In addition to these premier CSU ensembles, he has performed in the past with the Symphonic Band, Opera Orchestra, and Sinfonia. His current teachers are Dr. Wesley Ferreira and Sergei Vassiliev.

How did you get into your craft?

A native of Kindred, Andrew is always excited to discuss and share his small-town North Dakota upbringing, especially with foods like lefse, krumkake, tator tot hotdish, and knoephla soup. In middle and high school, Andrew attended the International Music Camp (IMC) multiple weeks over the summers and considers his time at IMC to be a critical component of his development and passion for music. In high school, he was a member of the Fargo-Moorhead Area Youth Symphonies, received various outstanding performance ratings at regional and state music contests, participated in regional honor bands, and was the recipient of KAAP’s Fine Arts All-Star award. During this time, he studied with Verlene “Beanie” Stotts and Dr. Cassie Keogh (NDSU). Currently, when he is not performing, Andrew enjoys biking and hiking the Colorado Front Range with his friends, playing video games, and listening to old country music.

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Wild Roots Venue:  Featured Artist Elaine Swenson


Elaine Swenson

Elaine started sewing as a young girl, making doll clothes.  By the time she was in junior high, she was making most of her own clothes.  She enjoyed sewing for her three little daughters, making many of their dresses and play clothes.


She started sewing quilts when she and a friend joined up with two experienced quilter friends. They called themselves the Four Squares.  Her first two quilts were the Log Cabin pattern.  She made many other quilts and tried numerous other patterns over the years.  


"Quilting can get expensive," Elaine says, "but it's cheaper than therapy!"  Now she mostly quilts with her quilting group at Norman Lutheran Church, where they make hundreds of quilts for charity.


Kindred, ND


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Kindred Public Library: Mrs. Mehrer's Kindred Elementary Students



Student Art

Enjoy an assortment of elementary student art by Mrs. Mehrer's students in grades K-6 at Kindred Elementary School.

Student Artists

Art Teacher Kelsey Mehrer

Instagram | @artbykindredkids

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The Uptown Eatery: HoCo Tailgate Spools


Jesus Rodriguez

“Born and raised in south Texas, Jesus grew up around the heavy influence of hardcore music and skateboarding. Inspired at an early age by the hand painted murals and signs that adorned northern Mexico. He developed a love for lettering and painting. You may find him at a electronic music show performing live painting or flow arts.”

Spraypaint Artist

Fargo, ND


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