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Abstract Colors

Amanda Hagen

Kindred, ND

Amanda K. Hagen

Rural-Inspired Fine Art 

Painting & Mixed Media 



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Roxie's Place Photography

Mapleton, ND

Roxie Westman

Landscape Photographer




Morning Glory Bakery

Kindred, ND

Stephanie Kalinowski




Karl Swenson Photography

Kindred, ND

Landscape, family, senior photographer




Jason DuBord

Kindred, ND

Jason DuBord



Refurbished Vintage Water Skis

Wine & Towel Racks


Dakota Tallow

Kindred, ND

Heather Curran




All natural skincare and more!


Sweet Stems

Davenport, ND

Jessica Haugen



Flowers for any occasion - also delivers locally!

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November 2021
Roxie Westman 
Landscape Photographer

Please visit our featured artist at Wild Roots Venue from November 2021-January 2022!  Her work is on display and available for purchase!

As a landscape photographer I find that true beauty is found not from the window of a car; it comes from walking out into the surroundings, taking time to experience the landscape then ultimately the scene will reveal itself.

My goal as an artist is to have the viewer feel like they are truly in the image by using available elements (sun, color, leading lines). Take for instance my Wheat field in the sunset image; it’s not just about the sun setting or the clouds but also the heads of wheat and the fine details of the kernels. Or the “Badlands overlook of the Little Missouri”, the grass in the foreground leads you naturally through the image to the river.

Landscape photography is my passion and I believe it comes from growing up on a cattle/small grain farm in eastern North Dakota where the outdoors was a natural part of life. Growing up with horses, trail riding in the Sheyenne National Grasslands and the North Dakota badlands, then hiking as a family at some of the beautiful national parks was a natural step into my world today of capturing North Dakota’s and Minnesota’s beautiful landscapes.

Photography takes some creativity in composing our image to make it interesting; unlike painting where you can paint a scene that you have previously envisioned. However, some images can be envisioned in our mind then with a bit of luck (no wind) we can go out and capture it with the camera, for instance the Milky Way and Windmill.

Since I was so passionate about capturing images, my family encouraged me to start my business, Roxie’s Place Photography, about 11 years ago. Since then I have travelled throughout the area to Art/Crafts shows, street fairs and the North Dakota Pride of Dakota shows to display and sell my art. I have been a member of the Fargo Moorhead Camera club (FMCC) and the Fargo Moorhead Visual Art (FMVA). I’ve attended many photography workshops and classes and have even shared my photography story at events a time or two. My work can be found @​Roxiesplacephotography.com​ and on facebook Roxiesplacephotographystudio​.

Steve & Hank Trangsrud
Father and Son


A special thank you to ELM RIVER CREDIT UNION in Kindred, ND for hosting a lovely display from two local artists!


Steve Trangsrud (left) lives in West Fargo where he is a substitute teacher. He took art classes at California State University, Northridge and has enjoyed creating and selling his art sine the late 1980's. The piece on the left was created using acrylic paint and the piece on the right is an oil pastel based on a 1962 Instamatic 126 film portrait in square format - he's the child in between the parents!


Hank Trangsrud (right) lives in West Fargo, ND and is married to Joyce. He farmed in rural Kindred, ND for many years and has been wood turning since retirement. He carves wood using a lathe which turns the wood while he holds the knife to shape the piece. He doesn't really go looking for pieces of wood but uses wood from logs or fallen trees. Hank doesn't sell his items but has donated pieces to different organizations like Norman Church, the Lions club and the Fargo Air Museum.

APRIL 2021

Jessica Haugen 

Sweet Stems Floral Designs


Jessica Haugen is a local social worker, florist, and North Dakota native. She and her husband live in Davenport with their 3 children, 2 dogs, and the occasional cat.


In college, Jessica was able to turn her love of flowers into a part-time job where she learned she had a talent for floral arrangements. Though she graduated with a degree in social work from the University of North Dakota, her desire to design beautiful bouquets and gorgeous garlands was always on her mind. Now employed as a social worker in Fargo, an occupation she finds fulfilling, she still finds time to run a small floral business out of her home.


Sweet Stems caters to local businesses and individuals, providing everything from wedding florals to valentines bouquets, and everything in between.

Contact Jessica at 218.791.4321to order flowers today!

MARCH 2021

Amanda Hagen


Amanda Hagen is a local Artist and North Dakota native.  She and her husband and son reside in rural Leonard, ND.  Amanda’s work encompasses Acrylic, Pastel, Watercolor, and Mixed Media painting.  Born and raised in rural small-town North Dakota, Amanda’s art is primarily rural-inspired, with an overarching focus on North Dakota inspired landscapes and themes.  Amanda is an Architect by trade, practicing full time as a Partner with Shultz + Associates Architects in Fargo.  She dedicates time to her Art Practice on evenings and weekends, with hopes to raise awareness of the value of creative outlets. 


Practicing art as a hobbyist for years, Amanda felt something tug at her heart while sheltering in place early during the Pandemic.  This led to a renewed focus on painting and creative work. With no formal Art education, Amanda furthered her knowledge of the various techniques through online workshops from Artists she admires including professional pastelists, Marla Baggetta and Bethany Fields.  Amanda additionally reached out to local Artist, Barbara Benda Nagle (Moorhead, MN) for insight into the Art profession.  As a generous mentor and encouraging friend, Barbara has been instrumental to Amanda’s development as an Artist.  You can visit her online shop here:  https://barbarabendanagle.com/


In 2020, Amanda founded Heartstrings Art Studio to begin sharing her work with others.  Heartstrings Art Studio’s Grand Opening Event is scheduled for May 15, 2021 at the Community Center in Kindred, North Dakota.  You can find out more on the website and follow her social media pages for updates:  www.heartstringsartstudio.com


“I believe each person is blessed with valuable, unique gifts.  My hope is to inspire others to pursue their passions, share their gifts, and in so doing elevate the communities in which we live.” - Amanda


Stephanie Kalinowski


On any given day the smells of a home cooked meal and sweet desserts float down Elm Street in Kindred, ND!

Our featured artist Stephanie Kalinowski and her mother Wanda Hopewell opened the doors of Morning Glory Cafe on October 1, 2012 and became a breakfast and lunch destination in the community as well as a place to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Stephanie worked years ago at cafe in Fargo where she enjoyed making chocolates, inspiring the two to open their own place in Kindred.  

Stephanie is married to Matt and they enjoy living outside of Christine along the Red River.  They enjoy traveling, fishing and taking walks in the woods on their property.

Morning Glory is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. and Wednesdays until 8 p.m.  Come enjoy breakfast or check out their daily lunch special.  They offer catering, brew expresso drinks, take special orders for pies, baked goods and chocolate (especially around the holidays!) and sell handcrafted chocolate by the pound every day.  Stephanie will design your chocolate to order anytime and offers various chocolate molds to choose from or will order a mold special to your event.  Check them out on Facebook or at morningglory.shop

***UPDATE:  Follow @MorningGloryKindred  · Bakery to get updates on what Stephanie offers through her home bakery!  Morning Glory in Kindred was sold to Rocky and Sarah Paul and is called Uptown Eatery, opening April 2021.