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Artist Reception - fun night!

Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the Artist Reception last night at Wild Roots Venue!

Part of the KAAP mission is to promote and support art in Kindred and promoting local artists fits this mission well.

So grateful for Jamie Soloman and her beautiful space "Wild Roots Venue" in Kindred. It's fun to have this partnership with her and have a safe, beautiful space to easily disply art in Kindred! Artists are featured for three months at a time and at the end of that time we host a reception to celebrate local artists displayed around town - here are the artists that were featured last night:

Amanda Hagen, Heartstrings Art Studio, featured in Wild Roots Venue Artist for July - October

Stephanie Kalinowski, Morning Glory Kitchenette - served fall treats and sold yummy baked goods

Hank Trangsrud, woodworker - had his flat work and lathe turned bowls on display. Lived in Kindred for many years and now lives in West Fargo

Steve Trangsrud, painter/artist - had several paintings and artworks on display. Son of Hank and Joyce Trangsrud, lives in West Fargo as well

Jessica Haugen, Sweet Stems - offered a "build your own" fall arrangement for guests

Sean Maddock, KHS senior - entertained with guitar music during the event

And thank you to sponsors and volunteers:

K-Town Nutrition, graciously invited the "food part" of our event into their space and sponsored tea for guests at the reception in a fall theme that complimented the other treats

Elm River Credit Union, showcased Steve and Hank Trangsrud's artwork for August - October.

Hannah Vansickle, decorated wooden pumpkins for our guest artists

Emma, Sheila, Tam, Roxie - for helping with the event!

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