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Featured Artist ROXIE WESTMAN!

KAAP is excited to feature photographer Roxie Westman at Wild Roots Venue from November - January! Please check out her photography display there!

As a landscape photographer I find that true beauty is found not from the window of a car; it comes from walking out into the surroundings, taking time to experience the landscape then ultimately the scene will reveal itself.

My goal as an artist is to have the viewer feel like they are truly in the image by using available elements (sun, color, leading lines). Take for instance my Wheat field in the sunset image; it’s not just about the sun setting or the clouds but also the heads of wheat and the fine details of the kernels. Or the “Badlands overlook of the Little Missouri”, the grass in the foreground leads you naturally through the image to the river.

Landscape photography is my passion and I believe it comes from growing up on a cattle/small grain farm in eastern North Dakota where the outdoors was a natural part of life. Growing up with horses, trail riding in the Sheyenne National Grasslands and the North Dakota badlands, then hiking as a family at some of the beautiful national parks was a natural step into my world today of capturing North Dakota’s and Minnesota’s beautiful landscapes.

Photography takes some creativity in composing our image to make it interesting; unlike painting where you can paint a scene that you have previously envisioned. However, some images can be envisioned in our mind then with a bit of luck (no wind) we can go out and capture it with the camera, for instance the Milky Way and Windmill.

Since I was so passionate about capturing images, my family encouraged me to start my business, Roxie’s Place Photography, about 11 years ago. Since then I have traveled throughout the area to Art/Crafts shows, street fairs and the North Dakota Pride of Dakota shows to display and sell my art. I have been a member of the Fargo Moorhead Camera club (FMCC) and the Fargo Moorhead Visual Art (FMVA). I’ve attended many photography workshops and classes and have even shared my photography story at events a time or two. My work can be found @​​ and on facebook Roxiesplacephotographystudio​.

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