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Featured Artist Trudy Torgerson!

KAAP is excited to feature local artist Trudy Torgerson for the month of February! She will be featured along with other local artists at an ARTIST RECEPTION at Wild Roots on Tuesday, February 22 from 5-7 p.m....more information to come soon!

Meet Trudy Torgerson

I have worked as an RN for Sanford Heath for 40 years, but my real passions are flowers and the World of Color. In the spring, summer and fall you will find me in the middle of my flower garden looking for the bouquet color of the day. I dry the flowers I grow to use in my art. My other passion is portraying the World of Color in my paintings. I started painting a few years ago, and my favorite paintings are the ones I create with the acrylic pour paint technique using silicon drops that help the paint take on different shapes and sizes as it dries. Recently I started working with resin and make dominoes, flower vases, coasters and more adding in my dried flowers for a beautiful, timeless appeal. I use silk flowers to create custom home décor arrangements and am available to consult with homeowners on decorating ideas and paint colors. Let me color your world! I love to introduce others to the World of Color, the bolder color the better. I live in Kindred with her husband Dale and two sons. Contact me at!

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