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Friday's are for Appreciating

Patrick Kirby, founder of West Fargo's Do Good Better Consulting, taught our KAAP group many years ago that "Friday's are for Appreciating." So that's what we will do finally today regarding the homecoming tailgate event back in September!

We appreciate EVERYONE who helped make this event a success. This is truly a celebration of the communities of Davenport, Hickson, Leonard, Kindred, Oxbow and Walcott that make up our Kindred School District - and contribute to the culture that is Kindred Public Schools.

Thank you Chris & Kelly McDonald for collecting and organizing the display of vintage town swag representing our six communities! The display was meant to be more front and center, but since the weather had other plans we kept it nice and dry, snuggled up to the Memorial Building.

What do you get when you combine local guys Jer Bakko, former DJ turned tire technician and Steve Stine, the worlds most sought-after guitar instructor? A pretty amazing team. Thank you Steve for serving as our event announcer again this year to keep everything moving along! Thank you Jer for pulling up with the great speaker system so we could hear the music and announcements in the entire tailgate area.

Erin Westby, with her amazing selfie photo skills, captured most of our team here setting up on the day of the event. Planning committee included representatives from the Kindred Area Arts Partnership (KAAP), Kindred Viking Booster Club, Kindred Parks & Recreation, the City of Kindred and community including Erin Westby, Beth Odegaard, Jen Swenson, Steve Stine, Lloyd Hoffarth, Dawn Jonson, Mike Brown, Rich Schock, Lydia Ronnigan, our local highway patrol and Lisa Davis.

Thank you to all the vendors that came out to FEED and ENTERTAIN the community! We appreciate all of you and hope you had a good time as well. And thank you to the SPONSORS who made the fireworks, swag bags and extra things possible for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you Lloyd Hoffarth of Anytime Fun and Mike Brown with Kindred Park and Recreation for setting up and sponsoring the Viking KidZone! And thank you to Jason Gette of Express Lane for donating the candy prizes. The Junior High football players and parents were so helpful volunteering with the games - thank you.

The Student Council does so many things during homecoming to make the week fun and full of events and entertainment for students. We were so glad to have them come and introduce themselves to our crowd. Thank you all for representing our school and community in this way!

Thank you to artist Matthew Wuorinen (@not_hideuhs) for joining us! He is a self taught artist in Fargo inspired by graffiti, street art, cartoons and clip art. We now have a pretty neat banner to hang up annually at the event - created with spraypaint!

Due to a communication glitch with his rookie ground crew (us!!!), pilot Kelly Perhus was in the air ready for a flyover but was not able to make it over the field this year. Sorry Kelly - we'll try again next year!

In true collaboration style, the graphic for this years event was a combination of two of the best. A special thanks to Steve at Laker Locker in Detroit Lakes for doing the initial creation of this years graphic and printing our comfy t-shirts and sweatshirts! KAAP board member and High School art teacher Derek Morin worked his magic on the graphic, as well as the poster design for the event. Derek Morin makes everything KAAP does "look good" and we are very thankful for his skills and expertise.

We encourage businesses to sponsor events and activities and are so thankful for Moore Engineering, Inc for sponsoring Broadway Rickshaw! Jeff was literally peddling around Kindred during the event and the entire game - bringing smiles to those riding and watching! Thank you Jeff for your kindness to our community. Lots of fun had by all.

The spools and straw bales were....heavy!!! Thank you to Vic and Craig from the Kindred Public School, Rich Schock from the City of Kindred and Greg Moffet from RDO for jockeying stuff around for us. Thank you to Andrea Christianson and the Springbrook Tavern for borrowing us your spools - we wouldn't have had enough! A shout out to Mark Clark for installing an extra power outlet our vendors could use as well!

Former Kindred Elementary Principal Nancy Kochmann really has an eye for design when it comes to pumpkin decorating! She graciously donated her time and talents to make these exceptional pumpkin friends for the event. People were able to purchase and take home a pumpkin with a free will donation and the ones left over were gifted to our area businesses and a few vendors as a thank you. Thank you Nancy!

Thank you to artist Sue Klabunde for painting this incredible scene on our donated plywood board for the kids - big and little - to take a photo in at the event! Thank you also to Mitch Becker and his Kindred High School Ag Department for cutting the face holes and making the plywood stand up. It will become a treasured annual decoration!