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Gala Chef's

Our fundraising gala had it's humble beginnings in the beautiful home of John V. Vinych in rural Kindred. Chef Nancy Olson worked each year to create the most unique menu and delicious food, encouraging guests to hang around in the kitchen with her and sample food right out of the oven. As support of our organization grew, we realized we needed a bigger venue so we moved the event to The Pines in 2020. We love that we're able to keep some of the intimacy we enjoyed at John's by providing guests the opportunity to still interact directly with the artists.

Chef Nancy had a great idea to feature "Food as Art" at this years event. We've invited a variety of area culinary artists, and their dishes will honor our community's agricultural roots at the arts table. Each chef, including Nancy, will be available to visit at their serving table featuring a signature dish. Some will also have goods for sale like cookbooks, sweets, or their specialty.

Special guest Megan Myrdahl, Director of Development for NDSU College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources and co-founder of Food of the North, will speak briefly at the event about "Midwest Mediterranean," a book she has co-authored, and the benefits of eating a diet incorporating local, wholesome food from right here in the Midwest.

We welcome back chef Nancy Olson and are excited to have Andrea Baumgardner (BernBaum's), Sara Watson (Blackboard), Stephanie Kalinowski (Morning Glory), Tony and Sarah Nasello (SarahBakes), Casa Delicia, Nichole Hensen (Nichole's Fine Pastry & Cafe), NDSU meat scientists Rob Maddock and Eric Berg + more join us! Enjoy wine tasting and the opportunity to purchase a bottle to take home with Bear Creek Winery of Fargo.

A special thank you to our chef sponsors CHS - Dakota Plains Ag, Dr. John V. Vinych, Peterson Farms Seed, and VISIONBank.

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