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help us do more to inspire our youth and community

Building human connections through the arts strengthens our community in ways that words alone often fail to do.  Music, drama, dance, and art have the power to cross language, cultural, and socioeconomic boundaries to bring us to a greater understanding of one another, engage in new experiences or see something from a different point of view.  

KAAP was founded in 2016 to visibly promote and support multiple artistic endeavors right here in the Kindred community.  By supporting KAAP, you are supporting educational scholarships and competition opportunities for youth in art, music, drama, dance and speech.  You are also helping showcase local artists of all ages through exhibitions and promoting arts classes and events. 

The Kindred Area Arts Partnership is a 501(c) nonprofit and your contribution is fully tax deductible.  


Thank you for supporting KAAP!


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If you are an Amazon user, you can make a difference while you shop!  Follow the link below to add Kindred Area Arts Partnership as your benefitting organization and Amazon will donate .5% of the purchase price of eligible items to this charitable organization!

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